Match Both Camera & Drone Footage With Our Premium Grade Cinematic Color Preset LUTs


Match your Camera and drone footage with our powerful prime quality modern look.

The Chromatica Set is designed to match your camera and drone footage. A highly refined specialized cinematic look that we have been very proud to develop as part of our premium grade CinePro collection. This high quality color grade was a vision of creating a cool modern look while popping rust hues, maintaining warm skin tones and a defined cool contrast with the sky and clouds. This unique filmic look will turn your camera and drone footage into a unified masterpiece. 

Best used on a flat filming profile to get the most out of your cinematic films.

Instant Download available on checkout

Whats included:
2 Cinematic Presets In Total
Both presets are the same look designed for both your drone and camera
Essential pre flight setup information, tips and installation documentation

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