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CINEVision PRO™ Universal LUTs

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SpectrumGrades CINEVision PRO™ LUTs are designed to instantly, with one click, tie your entire edited film sequence of shots together, resulting in beautiful, cohesive cinematic grades.

They integrate advanced color into your project and additionally tighten up all of your shots around a carefully curated precise color palette across your film. All of this without requiring any color grading experience.

PRO RESULTS: The focus of the 20 unique SpectrumGrades CINEVision PRO™ LUTs is to fuse consistency across all of your footage, color accuracy with carefully crafted modern sophisticated cinema looks that last.

We have focused on giving you the highest premium quality tools available on the market, that work, FAST.

SpectrumGrades LUT

Whether you use our LUTs as a starting point, or as the finishing touch in your workflow, SpectrumGrades CINEVision PRO LUTs can, with speed and ease, greatly improve your film's final color grading process.

Designed to work seamlessly with any camera footage in most video editing software on Mac, Windows & Apple iOS.

For professional filmmakers to hobbyists, vloggers, travel video & social media content creators ... Never have dull footage ever again, take your films to a professional level & start making AMAZING FILMS.

Please note that with the sample images we have tried our best to represent as accurately as possible the results you will get. In some instances, we may have only added slight contrast on images which is normal practice for using our LUTs. We have created slightly lower contrast LUTs (yet accurate) to prevent any extreme crushing of blacks and whites so that you have the most control with your footage. This is actually a very good thing. Have FUN! :)

Features and Benefits 

          • Compatible Cameras - Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Blackmagic, RED, Arri, Fuji, Nikon, Apple log and DJI drones
          • Flexible - Designed for all footage from any camera that films in standard color(rec709) and flat color(LOG).
          • Precision and highly accurate skin tones that fit within the grade integrity.
          • Pulls all over-saturation into the required cinema color safe region.
          • Controlled naturally adjusted highlights and shadows for an authentic cinema look.
          • Smooth gradient control prevents banding artifacts in low contrast areas such as skies.
          • Fast - Save time with no more fussing around trying to grade your footage. All the advanced grading is already done for you.
          • Easy to use - Just apply the look you like, you can then tweak to your liking.
          • Unique - Give your films a personalized visual mood and feel. Adjustable with your editor's basic tools to create a unique look that suits your taste.
          • Works with most editing apps on Mac OSX , Windows & Apple iOS
          • One-time purchase, no subscription fees.
          • Instant download on checkout. Start creating immediately...
Cinema LUTs pack bundle
CINEVision PRO™ Universal LUTs Sale price$89.84 Regular price$149.99
Sony S-Log 3 LUTs pack
Canon C-Log 3 LUTs pack
RED Komodo Raptor LUTs pack
BlackMagic Cinema pocket camera LUTs pack
DJI D-Log M LUTs pack
Panasonic V-Log LUTs pack
Nikon NLog LUTs pack
Davinci resolve premiere pro after effects final cut ptro FCPX LUTs pack

Easily Grade Across Apps


Unlock Limitless Creative Potential with Universal Compatibility: Our Custom LUTs Seamlessly Integrate with Nearly Any Editing Software that Supports LUTs!

Spectrumgrades CineVision LUTs pack
Cinevision cinema LUTs pack
DJI Air 3 LUTs pack before and after
DJI Air 3 LUTs pack before and after
Spectrumgrades CineVision LUTs pack