SUN FIXER M2 - Dji Mavic 2 Pro LUTs & Tools Set - Advanced repair for blown out yellow highlight sun flares


SUN FIXER M2 is a specially designed 3D LUT to repair the highlight yellow rim around the sun.

The Dji Mavic 2 Pro typically doesn't handle the sun highlights very well and often shots are ruined because of this artifact.
We have developed a pack of 4 x 3D LUTs to fix the yellow rim issue in various scenarios that you may encounter.

The SUN FIXER M2 is designed in such a way to have a natural hotspot roll off whilst making the sun look softer, more natural and pleasing to the eye. 

Simply apply the SUN FIXER M2 as a first primary LUT on your raw D-LOG M footage, followed by the secondary LUT for your grade, then see the magic happen...

What's included:
8 Corrective SUN SPOT FIXER 3D LUTs presets In Total
Essential pre-flight setup information, tips and installation documentation
Instant Download available on checkout

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