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DJI AIR 3 LUTs pack D LOG M cinema lut

CineMaster PRO™ - DJI AIR 3 LUTs Pack

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CineMaster PRO™

Discover the art of cinematic brilliance with the CineMaster™ DJI Air 3 LUT Pack, your key to mastering color grading for breathtaking aerial visuals. Designed for the D-LOG M color profile, this collection is your gateway to unlocking stunning filmic tones and professional aesthetics in every shot.
DJI Air 3 LUTs pack cinema luts

With our DJI Air 3 LUTs, every frame becomes a canvas for storytelling, enhancing the D-LOG M color science with precision-tuned 3D LUTs. This comprehensive pack transforms your raw footage into cinematic art, simplifying the post-production process while maintaining a high-quality professional standard.DJI Air 3 LUTs pack D-LOG M

Craft compelling narratives through visuals with the ease of CineMaster™’s one-click color grading formula, ensuring your DJI Air 3 captures not just moments, but emotions. These LUTs, optimized for speed and consistency, are your fast track to a captivating cinematic color palette, allowing more time for your creative journey.

The SpectrumGrades CineMaster™ collection is more than a LUT pack, it’s an essential tool for filmmakers aspiring to elevate their DJI Air 3 footage from great to extraordinary. Embrace the power of professional color grading and create films that resonate, all with the confidence that comes from using our meticulously crafted DJI Air 3 LUT Pack.

Dive into a world of cinematic excellence today. With the CineMaster™ DJI Air 3 LUTs, you’re equipped to turn every flight into a mesmerizing story. It’s not just color grading, it’s an invitation to reimagine what’s possible for your aerial cinematography.


        • Fast - Save time with no more fussing around trying to grade your footage. All the advanced grading is already done for you.
        • Easy to use - Just apply the look you like, you can then tweak to your liking.
        • Unique - Give your films a personalized visual mood and feel. Adjustable with your editor's basic tools to create a unique look that suits your taste.
        • Precise and highly accurate skin tones that fit within the grade integrity. Pulls all over-saturation into the required cinema color-safe region.
        • Fully developed specifically for the DJI Air 3 sensor 10bit color science.
        • Controlled naturally adjusted highlights and shadows for an authentic cinema look.
        • Pulls all over-saturation into the required cinema color safe region.
        • Smooth gradient control prevents banding artifacts in low-contrast areas such as skies.
        • Compatible - Works with most editing apps on Mac, Windows and Apple iOS (DaVinci Resolve, LumaFusion, LUTs only).
        • One-time purchase, no subscription fees.
        • Instant download on checkout. Start creating immediately...
      DJI Air 3 D LOG M LUTs pack
      CineMaster PRO™ - DJI AIR 3 LUTs Pack Sale price$87.94