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DJI Mini 3 Pro LUT LUTs pack for D-Cinelike

CineMaster PRO™ - DJI Mini 3 Pro LUTs

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CineMaster PRO™

Get the perfect filmic professional look for your DJI Mini 3 Pro films. The CineMaster Pro PURE DJI Mini 3 Pro LUTs pack will instantly, with one click, help create the ultimate films with our advanced cinema style color grade 3D LUTs. 

Specifically designed for the DJI Mini 3 Pro D-CineLike 10bit color science and sensor output, resulting in stunning, cohesive cinematic grades. They integrate advanced color into your project and additionally tighten up all of your shots around a carefully curated precise color palette across your film. All of this without having any color grading experience.
Dji Mini 3 Pro lut luts D-cinelike dcinelike hdr pack

The focus of the SpectrumGrades CineMaster PRO & PURE DJI Mini 3 Pro LUTs pack is to fuse consistency across all of your footage, color accuracy with carefully crafted modern sophisticated cinema looks that last. We have focused on giving you the highest premium quality tools available on the market, that work, FAST.

Simply put, our LUTs set work as intended for enhancing your DJI Mini 3 Pro footage to a professional level. No more fussing over trying to get other LUTs to work with your footage and rather focus on being creative. Whether you use our LUTs as a starting point, or as the finishing touch in your workflow, SpectrumGrades CineMaster PRO DJI Mini 3 Pro LUTs can, with speed and ease, greatly improve your film's final color grading process.

Choose The combo CINEMASTER PRO + PURE value pack, the CineMaster Pro or PURE individually in the dropdown to add to your cart.
Get the ultimate CineMaster PRO DJI Mini 3 Pro LUTs and start creating amazing films...


      • CINEMASTER™ PRO PACK- 20 stunning Cinematic filmic color grades. Converts + Grades from D-Cinelike to rec709. Ideal for a creatively treated films (most popular pack)
      • PURE PACK- Realistic, natural & dynamic contrast. Used mainly as technical conversion corrective LUTs from D-Cinelike to rec709(standard color). Is also used as a visually technically accurate base for secondary creative look LUTs to be applied on top.


        • Fast - Save time with no more fussing around trying to grade your footage. All the advanced grading is already done for you.
        • Easy to use - Just apply the look you like, you can then tweak to your liking.
        • Unique - Give your films a personalized visual mood and feel. Adjustable with your editor's basic tools to create a unique look that suits your taste.
        • Precise and highly accurate skin tones that fit within the grade integrity. Pulls all over-saturation into the required cinema color-safe region.
        • Fully developed specifically for the DJI Mini 3 Pro sensor 10bit D-CineLike color science.
        • Controlled naturally adjusted highlights and shadows for an authentic cinema look.
        • Pulls all over-saturation into the required cinema color safe region.
        • Smooth gradient control prevents banding artifacts in low-contrast areas such as skies.
        • Compatible - Works with most editing apps on Mac, Windows and Apple iOS (DaVinci Resolve, LumaFusion, LUTs only).
        • One-time purchase, no subscription fees.
        • Instant download on checkout. Start creating immediately...
    DJI Mini 3 Pro LUT LUTs pack D-Cinelike Dcinelike HDR
    CineMaster PRO™ - DJI Mini 3 Pro LUTs Sale price$69.69