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With SpectrumGrades you can easily achieve stunning looking films with precision cine color grades, clean-up digital video artefacts & dramatically enhance your drone footage.

At SpectrumGrades our goal is to create highly powerful tools to produce beautiful visuals, so you can easily achieve a distinctive High level filmic look for your films.

A tailored workflow system from setup to software

With our tools comes a wealth of information to achieve cinematic looks for your films. The packs are designed for user friendly workflow.

The packs also include essential drone setup guidelines and filming tips required to achieve a filmic look.

It's an eco-system which requires the user friendly elements that work together to easily and quickly create amazing films from your drone.

Designed And Compatible For The Mavic Series and Phantom 4 Pro

Our cine looks sets are designed by digital post production specialists to work with the limitations of the drones camera filming capabilities such as dynamic range and color profiles. By applying the tools combined with our drone setup instructions, you will achieve sophisticated and cinematic looks for your footage

Settings for the Phantom & Air: D-Cinelike 0/-3/0

What Does It Do?

When filming with our recommended settings in combination with one of our collections sets, you will get the highest quality from your footage. This is done by technically calibrated image correction, balancing the dynamic range and recovering highlights, corrective warping colors to give you deep blue skies, defined clouds, beautiful water and foliage tones. This is achieved in addition to giving a sophisticated refined color profile and film style to your footage.

How To Use It?

Our tools are designed to work as seamlessly integrated as possible with your footage and editing software. Simply load the desired effect onto your footage and get instant results.
All you need to do is refine your final look with basic tools such as brightness, saturation and contrast. 
Our software is compatible with most editing software such as Premiere, After Effects, Davinci, Vegas & Final Cut Pro X

Compatible Software

Apple Mac OSX & Microsoft Windows
Adobe Premiere Pro CC | After Effects CS5 + | Final Cut X 10.4+ | DaVinci Resolve | Nuke | Adobe Photoshop CC
Sony Vegas | Wondershare Filmora | Avid Media Composer | Assimilate Scratch | Edius | CyberLink ColorDirector
LumaFusion | Video LUT

Please check your video editing program is compatible with our software prior to purchase.
Some video editing software may require 3rd party plugins.

SpectrumGrades Benefits

Our mission is to make your footage have the most sophisticated versatile looks while having an easy user friendly experience.

Just select the tools you like and apply it to your shot with just a few clicks.
You can also easily customize to your liking.

Editing and color apps, even Photoshop, our tools work in just about anything.

No waiting, no shipping, your packs are sent to your email instantly.

No recurring subscription fees



Worthy Filming Tips

A few tips in combination with our presets that make a big difference to your footage is choosing the right time of day and lighting. Film in the mornings or mid/late afternoons. To manage exposure you want to maintain highlight information but also don’t underexpose as this will add noise; it's a fine balance. As they say in film “If the model is good, then half the job is done”. Make sure your “model” is your lighting and subject, then the presets will polish up your footage and add that cinematic look. 

Add an analogue look to your films

FREE 4K Film Grain

Our 4K film grain simulates the analogue look that filmmakers love. Giving you the soft filmic emulation look that is native to stock film.

For the ultimate set of analogue grain film looks we recommend using our ULTRA-FilmGrain 4K pack which covers a range of 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film stock.

The 4K film grain will work best when using a transparency overlay effect.

Click here for the ULTRA-FILMGRAIN 4K FULL SET

Click here for the free Film Grain sample