Professional Cinematic Film Looks For Your Drone & Camera Footage

Tools To Help You Easily Color Grade & Remove Digital Video Noise

Ultimate Drone Cinematic Color Film Looks

Easily Make Your Drone and Camera Footage Look Professional

Superior Drone Cinematic Color Film Looks

Make Your Drone's Footage Look Professional

Powerful Cinematic Film Looks & Digital Noise Cleanup

Tools To Easily Color Grade & De-Noise Your Footage

SpectrumGrades The Most Powerful Premium Quality Color Presets(3D LUTs) on the market

Imaging software that adds far more Sophisticated Cinematic qualities and improvements to your footage than any ND or Polariser lens filter alone could do. 

Developed by industry post production visual effects professionals to help you achieve easy-to-use stylish cinematic color styles for your films. Designed specifically for drone and camera footage, you can easily harness the power of increased dynamic range and advanced color adjustments for the highest quality visuals possible.

The bundles offer a creative range of cinematic looks to fit a variety of styles. Whether looking to simplify your editing post production workflow, or instantly create more cinematic qualities to your content, SpectrumGrades will take your films to the next level.












New Value: Cine Collection M2 - DJI MAVIC 2 PRO LUTs

The CINE COLLECTION M2 will help you easily and effectively create the ultimate films with our cinematic color presets 3D LUTs for the DJI MAVIC 2 PRO.

A full set of color presets and noise reduction profiles that will make your footage look amazing with just a few clicks. Get greater value with all 5 packs for more versatile options to easily get the perfect polished cinematic look for your films. Pack includes GAMMA M2, VISiON M2, PURE, SUN FIXER, POLISHER M2


The Power Of Our Premium Grade Film Looks For The Dji Mavic's and Phantom 4 Pro


A tailored workflow system from setup to software

With our presets packs comes a wealth of information to achieve cinematic looks for your films. The packs are designed for user friendly workflow.

The packs also include essential drone setup guidelines and filming tips required to achieve a filmic look.

It's an eco-system which requires the user friendly elements that work together to easily and quickly create amazing films from your drone.


Designed And Compatible For The Mavic pro, Mavic Air and Phantom 4 Pro

Our film looks packs are designed by digital post production specialists to work with the limitations of the drones camera filming capabilities such as dynamic range and color profiles. By applying the presets combined with our drone setup instructions, you will achieve the best in the market premium, sophisticated and cinematic treatments for your drones footage to get a professional grade. 

These presets are also compatible and work extremely well with the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Air D-Cinelike color profile with the following camera settings
D-Cinelike 0/-3/0


What Does It Do?

When filming with our recommended settings in combination with the presets pack collections, you will get the highest quality from your Mavic and Phantom footage. This is done by balancing the dynamic range and recovering highlights, corrective warping colors to give you deep blue skies, defined clouds, beautiful water and foliage tones. This is achieved in addition to giving a sophisticated refined color profile and film style to your footage.


How To Use It?

The presets are designed to work as seamlessly as possible with your Mavic footage and software. Simply load the preset file onto your footage and get instant results. All you need to do is refine your final look with basic tools such as brightness, saturation and contrast. The presets are compatible with Premiere, After Effects, Davinci, Vegas and FCPX (free plugin required however, this may change due to third party devs).

SpectrumGrades BENEFITS
Our mission is to make your footage have the most sophisticated looking versatile grades while having an easy user experience.

Just select the preset you like and apply it to your shot with one click.
You can also easily customize the look.

Editing and color apps, even Photoshop, our presets work in just about anything.

No waiting, no shipping, your presets are sent to your email instantly.


We will do our very best to ensure that you are satisfied with our products and if for whatever reason you are still not happy, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee on first initial individual purchased packs. 


The presets creates looks that I otherwise would have to get a color specialist to do. They work perfectly with my footage. Best quality presets on the market

Christian Ghammachi | Two Wheels Across Studios

Your grades are massive time saver, and really tastefully done, not too crushed which can be the case with other LUTs I've tried. Many thanks

Ollie Zissou - 3D visual effects artist

The presets are very easy to use. With SpectrumGrades, I can now see us incorporating Mavic footage into our professional productions.

Wes - Black Sail Media

They are fantastic I never know which one to use. They are all so nice and add their own little touches.

Sean Callahan

The LUTs have taken my footage to another level and make my life a lot easier with getting various grades that I love

Brandon Borcherding

Watch The Tutorial And Samples

Watch Wonderful Cinematic Films From Users who love our presets

FREE 4K Film Grain

This 4K film grain simulates the analogue look that filmmakers love. 
Add this film grain on top of your de-noised footage by using our Neat video Mavic noise profiles.
The two products combined are complimentary for adding a more filmic look to your films. The 4K film grain will work best when using a transparency effect.

Download contains 2 files:  ProRes 422 25P / Mp4 h264 25P

Worthy Filming Tips

A few tips in combination with our presets that make a big difference to your footage is choosing the right time of day and lighting. Film in the mornings or mid/late afternoons. To manage exposure you want to maintain highlight information but also don’t underexpose as this will add noise; it's a fine balance. As they say in film “If the model is good, then half the job is done”. Make sure your “model” is your lighting and subject, then the presets will polish up your footage and add that cinematic look. 

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