Cine Collection M2 LUTs Presets - GAMMA M2, VISiON M2, PURE, SUN FIXER, POLISHER M2

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The Cine Collection M2 will help create the ultimate films with our cinematic color presets 3D LUTs for the Dji Mavic 2 Pro

A full set of color presets and noise reduction profiles that will make your footage look amazing with just a few clicks.

Get greater value with all 5 packs for more versatile options to easily get the perfect polished cinematic look for your films.

The presets are fully configured to precisely work beautifully with the Mavic 2 Pro D-Log M -3 Contrast / 0 Saturation settings. 

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Whats included:
30 Cinematic Color & Corrective Presets In Total

42 Noise profiles with 5 settings files
Includes the POLISHER M2 packs

Essential pre flight setup information, tips and installation documentation

Please note that you must for compatibility purposes have purchased the most recent Neat Video Plugin to use this profile pack. You can purchase the Neat Video Plugin to use with our Noise profile here.

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