How to install LUTs into LumaFusion

Our LUTs are fully supported in LumaFusion

Regarding downloading the pack, from your iOS device you can use safari and save it to the "files app”.Just make sure you have the latest update on your phone however previous iOS 13 will also work. You can also download and save to other cloud drives such as OneDrive, Google drive, Box and Dropbox via your phone or desktop and then access the files when you in LumaFusion. I would suggest the first part where you directly download to your phones "files app". 

When you have downloaded and unzipped the files on your iOS device, you then go into LumaFusion and double click a clip in your timeline. 

This will take you to the effects page in LumaFusion.

You must then import all the luts by pressing the button shown in illustrated attachment images. Once this is installed, the luts will stay installed.


This Is also a link to a video showing the process from downloading on iPad(which will be the same for iPhone) to installing in LumaFusion, however the images should be easier to follow.
Click here for video


If for some reason the LUTs to import are greyed out, this may mean that the files that were downloaded are not synced with your iCloud on your device. Normally you just have to make sure that they are fully downloaded on your device or you can use google drive, one drive or Dropbox to download to and access in LumaFusion.

Here is a great video tutorial which is highly recommended on how to use our LUTs in LumaFusion: