POWERFUL Neat Video Noise Reduction Profiles


This Powerful Precise Neat Video noise reduction profiles pack is designed for the Mavic Pro and AIR camera while still maintaining as much detail as possible. 

Removing video noise doesn’t need to be complicated. Its easy, just apply the profile you need, and the default settings usually do everything. If needed, you can adjust in Neat Video plugin for fine tuning - however thats pretty unlikely.

These specifically calibrated profiles also reduce flicker and compression blocking artefacts to polish up your footage.

The profiles pack covers all the iso levels in both 2.7K and 4K

  • Designed with the plugin developers for the highest quality & accuracy
  • Reduces flicker from compression blocking artefacts
  • Excellent for cleaning up low light footage

Whats included in the pack:

  • 6 x 2.7k Calibrated Noise profiles for Neat Video plugin
  • 6 x 4k Calibrated Noise profiles for Neat Video plugin

Please note that you must for compatibility purposes have purchased the most recent Neat Video Plugin to use this profile pack. You can purchase the Neat Video Plugin to use with our Noise profile here.

Watch the tutorial on how to use them here...